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THE KING, THE WARRIOR, THE GIFT AND THE HEARTH Those familiar with Anglo-Saxon history or literature will know the term, ’hearth companions’ or ‘hearth group’. Although its meaning changed over the Anglo-Saxon period, at core, it is wonderfully redolent of Germanic warrior culture. A group of chosen warriors fiercely loyal to their lord (king, prince or noble), […]

Anglo-Saxon Conversion: Part 1 – ‘They have robbed Us of the Old Religion’

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 UNDERLYNDENCHURCH Part 1: ‘They Have Robbed Us of the Old Religion’ ‘All these Changes – How shall we Cope?’ This is neither a conventional history piece nor fiction but a construct of both. As a former speech and report writer and an Anglo-Saxon nerd for decades, I try to present complex matters clearly and imaginatively […]