The Fens, East Anglia
The East Anglian Fens, Sacred Landscape and Refuge (photo by author)
The dark meres
Bleak East Anglian fen (photo by author)
Three Hills, Bartlow
One of the astounding Romano-British burial mounds, Three Hills, Bartlow, Cambridgeshire
Romano-British burial mounds, Cambridgeshire
Three Hills, Bartlow. Once were largest Roman burial mounds in Western Europe
Three Hills Bartlow
Interpretive sign, Three Hills, Bartlow, Cambridgeshire
Avenue, Wandlebury
Evocative avenue between Wandlebury and Roman road, Cambridgeshire
Iron Age Hill Fort
Iron Age Hill Fort, Gog Magog Hills, outside Cambridge. A Roman road lies closeby
Coppiced rods
A stand of recently-cut coppiced rods, Wandlebury Park, outside Cambridge
Roman road near Cambridge
Roman road - from Cambridge to Horseheath. A lovely walk!
Roman road, Cambridgeshire
The Roman road, just outside of Cambridge
Walk with the Anglo-Saxons. Fleam Dyke
Fleam Dyke, built by the Anglo-Saxons. Today may be walked from Fulbourn to Balsham
Fleam dyke sign
Fleam Dyke, built by the Anglo-Saxons - and Roman Road Walk interpretive sign
West Stow Anglo-Saxon village
West Stow Anglo-Saxon village, Suffolk. A wonderful and educational site (photo by author)
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