Anglo-Saxon Sacred Landscapes – Part 1 – Purifying the Temples

This is the first of two articles on Anglo-Saxon sacred landscapes and what they meant to *pagans and Christians in this fascinating period of English history. It involves a different way of seeing the land – not solely as a source of food and wealth but as...

Anglo-Saxon Sacred Landscapes – Part 2 – Landscapes of the Dead

The Dead What happens to us when we die? This is one of the most fundamental questions that organised religions seek to answer. In this second post on Anglo-Saxon sacred landscapes, I’d like to talk about how the pagan* dead were believed to inhabit the land and what...

Who Became an Anglo-Saxon Saint, Why and What Was Their Role?

Selection Criteria (Acknowledgement. I am grateful to Dr Francis Young for kindly taking the time to read an earlier version of this article and making helpful suggestions to correct several factual errors. I take full responsibility, of course, for any remaining...

Anglo-Saxon Conversion

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 1 COMMENT ‘All These Changes: How Shall We Cope? I will shortly post the first of six articles on the conversion of the Anglo–Saxons. The series gives a voice to a king, an aristocrat, a farmer, a slave and a missionary. In this way, I hope,...
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