Anglo-Saxon Sacred Landscapes – Part 1 – Purifying the Temples

This is the first of two articles on Anglo-Saxon sacred landscapes and what they meant to *pagans and Christians in this fascinating period of English history. It involves a different way of seeing the land – not solely as a source of food and wealth but as...

Who Became an Anglo-Saxon Saint, Why and What Was Their Role?

Selection Criteria (Acknowledgement. I am grateful to Dr Francis Young for kindly taking the time to read an earlier version of this article and making helpful suggestions to correct several factual errors. I take full responsibility, of course, for any remaining...

Anglo-Saxon Conversion

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 1 COMMENT ‘All These Changes: How Shall We Cope? I will shortly post the first of six articles on the conversion of the Anglo–Saxons. The series gives a voice to a king, an aristocrat, a farmer, a slave and a missionary. In this way, I hope,...
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